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Posted By: Phil Edwards
03-Jan-09 - 05:45 PM
Thread Name: Music: Police and Striking Miners
Subject: RE: Music: Police and Striking Miners
Thre are songs about incest, rape, murder, etc etc,,, do none of them want to make you leave?

Presumably Ian wouldn't feel those songs were directed at him personally in quite the same way.

As I said on another thread, the Blackleg Miner isn't a song I feel comfortable with. If you compare it with the Yahie Miners (which may well be its source) it looks very like a song that's been polished up by an outsider with definite political views - and had its aggression level turned up to 11 in the process. It's not a song you could sing if there were any strikebreakers in your street - not if you wanted to talk to them ever again.

I was solidly behind the NUM in 1984-5, and if I could relive those years I would be again. (My grandfather was a striking miner in 1926; they got beaten that time, too.) As people have said, everything Scargill said about the government's plans was true - where are the pits now, and where are the unions? But the Left doesn't do itself any favours by making out that every working miner was a Thatcherite, a mercenary or a class traitor. People at the sharp end had some very hard choices to make. Those of us who were on the outside can't possibly know what it was like, or how we would have reacted.