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01-Jan-09 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: Music: Police and Striking Miners
Subject: RE: Music: Police and Striking Miners
Yeah, makes good arm chair socialism, and through that perhaps good songs. After all, songs are a part of media, just like tabloid newspapers.

I was a Yorkshire miner, and our pit voted not to strike. Our union delegate was visited at night, and the next day recorded that we had in fact voted to strike.

I had a baby to keep, and yet the union enforcers all had clips of money, (my union dues I assume) and none for me unless I accepted a dodgy MOT certificate for my off road car and used it for fly picketing.

The first post in this thread spoke of King Arthur. He was and is a knave. A very brutish knave who was happy that his thugs knocked on our doors warning us about our children's continued health if we went back to work.

I feel a song coming on. It is about the two bottles of champagne I keep at any given time. I have to keep two in case Thatcher and Scargill die the same day and the shops are shut.

Music is an abstract. Yes, sing songs of past bravery and class struggle. You will always find idiots to cheer you. In the meantime, music is for enjoyment and there are thousands of people who were affected badly in the strike, some still bearing scars 25 years on. Somehow, I don't hear fellow ex miners singing such songs, just armchair socialists like Roy Bailey and other cross bearers looking for a hill.