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Posted By: JohnInKansas
22-Dec-08 - 06:18 PM
Thread Name: Utah Phillips' FBI File
Subject: RE: BS: Utah Phillips' FBI File
Mark -

You ain't got one of them fancy new flat panel monitors that'll rotate for you?

The document at the first link is a .pdf, and Photoshop Elements will import "images" from .pdf files. Lots of .pdfs that look like they have images actually don't, and for them you'd have to copy and paste. This document is all .bmp scans so they do come out easily, one image per page.

I thought I remembered that an earlier Adobe Reader that we had (years ago, when it was more primitive) allowed you to rotate the image on the screen (without rotating the screen) but I don't find that feature in the current version. Makes me wonder if they dropped it or if I just remembered another of those "something I never knew to begin with" bits. Some monitors, even old clunky ones, allow you to rotate the screen image; but you usually have to go into control panel or in the dedicated monitor driver/setup to do it.

I too got a little dizzy trying to read a few pages sidewardly. And as you'd expect, the FBI apparently has a really crappy scanner (or maybe the newpaper made the .pdf).

48 pages isn't much to know about someone like Utah. A friend who worked for an insurance company right after high school (ca. late '50s) reported that the insurance guys had three file drawers on one hollywood notable who'd applied for a policy. (Policy was declined due to "suspected gangland connections = high risk")