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Posted By: SDShad
04-Jul-00 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Holidays, Colonials!!
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Holidays, Colonials!!
Well, Callie, I can only speak to what I know of folks in Sioux Country, and that only the small sample with whom I'm personally acquainted.

For one thing, yes, a lot of Native Americans I think are offended by Columbus Day, at least, but in South Dakota we don't have Columbus Day in October, we have Native American Day. But as for July 4, I've never seen anyone who mourns it or is offended. For one, like all of us goofy hominid meat puppets, Natives are as willing as anyone to gather for the celebration of mutual cultural reference points. And of a lot of the Dakota, Nakota and Lakota I know, even ones who know their history quite well and can cite for you chapter and verse what's been done to them in the name of the United States, for all that you'd be surprised how much patriotism they often feel. Maybe it's the old warrior tradition, I don't know, but I've been told that South Dakota sent more young men per thousand population than any other state to the VietNam War, because of all the young men from the Sioux Federation who volunteered to "do their duty."

So yeah, Native Americans celebrate July 4, but not all. There are also White folks to whom this is just another day too, though.

Well, this here Wild Colonial Boy is off to celebrate at a local coffee shop with biscotti and cappucino. (So this is what they fought for?) :-)