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Posted By: McGrath
04-Apr-98 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Irish folk songs
Subject: RE: irish folk songs
Sorry Guys and Gals.

I thought that I was being clever by asking for fax
numbers to send lyrics. I didn't occur to me that the
idea was to put the lyrics in the talk forum so
that everyone could have access to the info.

Joe Offer put me right.

How's it goin' Martin.
Isn't this a mighty web site?
Thanks for the introduction.

There is a chap in Dublin called Antaine Ó'Faracháin who
is closely involved with a radio station called
"Sean Nós Cois Loife" as well as the Goilín Singing Club.

I'm sure that Martin knows him or has heard of him.
I shall try to get an email no for him and get him
involved in this and the Sean-Nós discussionson Mudcat.

He is a fine sean-nós singer and very accomodating
with his time and knowledge.

You can find his address and phone details on our
web site in the club listings under Góilín.
You'll find a link to our site below.

If you phone him however, watch out!. He has a sean nós answering machine!
And he won't answer your call unless you sing a message!
He's as daft as a stick, thank God, and good craic.
You'll enjoy his humour and knowledge>

Slál libh go léir.

Frank McGrath

Nenagh Singers Circle