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Posted By: Micca
13-Dec-08 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Tea Question
Subject: RE: BS: Tea Question
Richard Owen, the Chief Engineer on a ship I served in made me a mug of tea once, in the engineroom of the ship we served in, by taking a Pint ceramic mug (English 20oz) pouring about 2oz of loose tea leaves in filling it with cold water then inserting a bleed steam pipe from the ships Triple Expansion Parsons Marine Main engine and turning it on!! steam at about 400degC was injected into the water and brought it to the boil in about 20 seconds!!! the tea was as STRONG as hell as black as Guiness and would take the enamel off your teeth , but it worked as the outside air temp was -25degC!! in the Baltic in winter.