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Posted By: Azizi
03-Dec-08 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: Gigalo & other children's rhymes &cheers
Subject: RE: Gigalo & other children's rhymes &cheers
Here's a link to a YouTube video of Jigalo* :


This video shows young adults having fun playing a show me your motion game. This activity uses the "show me your motion"/ring game format. The women and men in this video sing this song in unison, and someone calls out the name of a group member who then goes in the middle. The song becomes call & response when the group asks the person in the middle to do some kind of movement. The person in the middle eventually does a movement and the rest of the group then does the same movement. The person in the middle returns to the group and the game begins again.

I remember seeing this cheer done by African American girls ages 6-12 years old in the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s [Pittsburgh, PA city & area]. The entire recitation that I recall in the late 1980s and 1990s was call & response and the girls did foot stomping movements along with the handclaps. The words are the same but only girls performed this cheer. In addition, the performance format was different. The girls didn't stand in a circle, but in a line or a semi-circle. I think this was because the girls did this cheer as a performance. Even if there wasn't really any audience, there was a "pretend audience, and if you stand in a circle, some girls would have their backs to the audience, which wouldn't be fair to them. I don't recall the soloist stepping in front of the other girls when it was her turn to be the soloist, but I've seen that done in the 2000s to other cheers. {Fwiw, "Jigalo" doesn't appear to be that well known nowadays in Pittsburgh among the African American girls ages 6-12 years in the same area where I collected the cheer in the 1980s and 1990s. However, this was by no means a large or scientifically done survey of girls in those communities].

There were a number of other YouTube entries for "Jigalo" and all of them that I saw to date featured high school students or young adults. Btw, Jigalo {jig-ah-LOW} should not be confused with the all purpose glass, wood, metal, rubber etc lubricant can of spray whose name is "Jig-a-loo" [jig-ah-LOO].

* From now on, I'm going to spell this word with a "J" since that's the way it is pronounced.