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Posted By: Barry Finn
25-Nov-08 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Thanksgiving historical corrections (USA)
Subject: RE: BS: Thanksgiving historical corrections (USA)
We're pushing lobster this year cause the world economy is in the toilet. The overseas market for lobster is shrinking & New England's in the middle of a lobster glut (yippee). I've been thankful, it's cheaper than steak, can't afford steak at the moment, a good piece of meat is $10 a pound & that's just a good piece. Lobster's at 3.99 a pound, I was gonna bring a few with me to the in-laws but they want cranberry sauce & a turkey (if Ben Franklin had, had his way the Turkey would've been the national bird & we'd be eating eagle today & at what prices?) they say that the green tomali just isn't in holiday spiritual color. They want me to wait till Christmas when Red & Green are all the rage. Dam lobsters will be black by then unless I freeze them, ever eaten frozen lobster, I still have some in the freezer from 2 yrs ago, gonna throw them out make room for frozen tomali.
Anyway, lobster was a very popular food way back when, slaves even revolted against getting fed on them to much.
So for thanksgiving support your local Nerw England fisher people, eat lobster this year & go back to Turkey next year, it'll still be cheaper by the pound but lobster won't.
I'm thankful to all the first nations but they would've been better off if they had brought rat poison to the party instead.