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14-Nov-08 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did your mum say this to you.....
Subject: RE: BS: Did your mum say this to you.....
"Yes, you expect to turn up here every few years now, dressed like Mrs. Astor's plush horse and high and mighty as a duchess..."
—"Family Reunion" by Janet Curren Owen, Arthur W Rushmore, 1933. - 313 pages

"As Teenie says, 'I'm not as green as I'm cabbage looking.'"
—"The Congresswoman" by Isabel Gordon Curtis, 1914.

"It's no use to sell your cabbages twice, says I, and I never repeats."
—"The Overland Monthly" by Bret Harte, 1870.

"I talked to everyone, said the same thing to everyone for two mortal hours, and a young woman with a voice that sounded like tearing oil-cloth sang two songs and another recited two stories. I nearly died."
—"F.D.R.: His Personal Letters, Early Years" by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, 2005, [letter dated 1900].

"'Nothing of the sort,' rejoined the lady; 'and I'll trouble you to get off.' 'Can't—I've got a bone in my leg,' rejoined the captain."
—"New Monthly Magazine and Humorist", 1851.

"Every one to his own taste, as the old woman said when she kissed the cow."
—"Dreams and Reveries of a Quiet Man" by Theodore Sedgwick Fay, Joseph Dewey Fay, 1832.

"Go to, my poor boy; go to, and be not foolish; do as you're told and no trifling."
—"The Partisan: A Tale of the Revolution" by William Gilmore Simms, 1835.

"Though not finding it that imaginary El Dorado where honey flows in streams and money grows on trees, many of the most restless and roving have come here."
—"Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review", 1848.

"You are like all the rest of the world, I believe you think that money grows on trees, and that I have only to put out my hand and gather it..."
—"Ruling the Roast", by Emma Carolina Wood, 1874.

"Why! here is a parcel of words full as analogous as chalk and cheese, or a cat and a cartwheel!"
—"Works", by Franηois Rabelais [translated by Du Chat, Motteux, Ozell, et al.], 1807.