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Posted By: Sleepy Rosie
14-Nov-08 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: Pagan Songs
Subject: RE: Pagan Songs
The ref. to the Wiccan quote "find it within you" sounds rather more Gnostic (in terms of its self-revelatory nature) to me, than in any way typical of fundy religions.

By far the most interesting and inspiring Christian writings I've ever read have been penned by heretics, mystics and madmen 'making it up' and going against the orthodoxy by sourcing from within rather than from a ("The") book.

I guess modern neo-Paganism is very much a work in progress. The whole thing could probably do with a few more genius poets, madmen and rebels in the mix to spark my full-on interest though.

With regards to origonal pre-Christian pagan sung material, I have heard Norse rune chants ('skaldr' meaning 'croaking' I think?), and they can sound quite pokey, but they're not exactly 'songs' in the way we might think of them. And despite being fascinating sounding, I won't be memorising any for the next folk club evening!

DeG, I think your offered 'pseudo-pagan' MP3, sounds like it might both: a)fulfill my initial brief, and b) be suitably contention free. Many thanks, I'll PM you.