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Posted By: LilyFestre
12-Nov-08 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Do you want to stop smoking ?
Subject: RE: BS: Do you want to stop smoking ?
My best friend started to smoke in the late 80's and immediately dropped about 40 pounds. That really got my attention and I decided that I was going to have to try this out! So I went to the store, bought a pack of cigarettes, opened it up and stuck one between my lips. I couldn't, however, bring myself to light it. It's the closest I've ever come to smoking and for that, I am most thankful.

    Good for you for quitting. I know it can't be easy! I wish I could get my mother-in-law to quit. She and her new husband smoke like chimneys and he is in the early stages of emphysema. We rarely visit their home because it burns both of our eyes and throats. Recently we started the adoption process and my husband and I have decided that our child won't be spending time at his mother's house because the smoke is just TOO THICK. They can come here to see the baby.

    Anyway, again...congrats on quitting....I bet you feel GREAT!!!