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Posted By: Genie
10-Nov-08 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: Getting nursing home gigs
Subject: RE: Getting nursing home gigs
Marion, back to the original focus of this thread, I thought I'd mention that internet sites like YouTube, FaceBook, and even other just-plain audio/video upload and download sites can be a great boon to getting bookings.

I am finding that more and more activity directors are wanting some sort of "audition" before hiring a new person. But, as I've illustrated in this or other related threads, doing in-person auditions for potentially one-time gigs that pay under $100 a pop is a real losing proposition.   (For one thing, the AD you auditioned for may be gone the next month, leaving you back to square one. Or the budget can be slashed, the facility sold to a new owner, etc. And if you do one audition and get one paid gig out of it, you've basically done two gigs for the price of one.   Unless the "audition" is for an ongoing, regular booking, with a contract, I'd advise against it.)

Some ADs say they're fine with a CD or tape, but it can get expensive making and sending those out too.   But if you have a good audio or video file, it's easy to make it available online now and send people the link.   If you have your own website, that's even better, but YouTube and some other sites are free.

I've found it easy to make decent music videos of some of my gigs using my MacBook with the built-in camera and mic. Then I can make shorter clips from those and send them to people as video files (e.g. Windows Media) or post them online.   

Ain't technology wunnerful!?