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Posted By: gecko
08-Nov-08 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did your mum say this to you.....
Subject: RE: BS: Did your mum say this to you.....
To a grizzling (whining) child - "put that face straight or else!"

Mother finding something we were supposed to be looking for "what's this, a bloody carrot!"

"do as you're told"

"you're as daft as a brush"

Fidgeting child "you're like a fart in a colandar"

Getting home after strict 10pm deadline "what time do you call this!"

Peering up the street through the curtains "get away from the windows - what do you think this is, Aggie Weston's caff?"

Using too much milk "do you think we've got a cow up the garden?"

"do you think money grows on trees?"

I'm sure Mom and Dad loved us but money was pretty tight in the 1950's + 60's and the 'next meal' often involved a stale loaf with jam.