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Posted By: mg
04-Nov-08 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Stan James of Washington (Nov 2008)
Subject: RE: Obit: Stan James of Washington has died
Speaking of the tugboats...Stan had two major projects that he wanted to work on..and I am hoping that we can somehow do this. I kept running into him at Folklife and every time he would elaborate on these projects..he was so exuberant it was hard to pin down exactly what they were..but one had to do with the docks of Seattle and the Wawona etc. in the 1930s. Or 20s or whenever. It sounded like a combination folk opera, with songs, stories, etc., but also he had some original photographs and it sounded like tapes of the old men who had worked on the Wawaona. So he was perhaps talking about CD's, lesson plans, but I think the folk opera was in there too. I remember we talked about net hauling songs for some reason..and I told him about my second cousins the Jusinovitchs who worked on the as a fish box builder and one as a fish packer..can whoever writes this put them in? They were sardine fishermen in probably Croatia. I met the Kappa singers in folklife, told them about it, and they were very interested in perhaps singing something for it. For some reason I was also thinking of Japanese, although I don't know for sure they worked on the docks. Anyway, the vision, and several of us talked with him about it at folklife, was centered around the docks of Seattle, with all sorts of music and then maybe CD's or something with pictures? Like I said itwas hard to extract exactly the plan from this jumble of great ideas.

Back to the tugboats. The second project was similar..perhaps a folk opera again with lesson plans, CD's perhaps....we could get into the whole Mrs. Anna ? Fossan (Foss) whose story gave someone the inspiration for tugboat Annie.

Sorry to digress so much, but he was so excited about these projects, probably Wawona first and then tugboat. And last week some of us were at a shanty camp in Chinook WA, and I just really thought I must get this going again...he was the great idea man and the source of some original documents and recordings, and others could give it more structure etc. There was some serious interest in getting the materials scanned, photos, etc., and a radio announcer here was very interested in interviewing him..she does marine reporting and is a photojournalist as well.

So as the family goes through stuff, could you be on the lookout for this type of material? I know it was very very important to him and I know there was a lot of interest just at folklife even, although we were all a little vague on exactly what it was he had in mind...the stuff would just need to be copied, scanned, digitzied or whatever and there are professionals who have volunteered if it could be made available for a while. It is just so odd that I took my finger out of the sugarbowl finally just as it is maybe too late, but maybe not. mg