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Posted By: Jim Dixon
31-Oct-08 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Did your mum say this to you.....
Subject: RE: BS: Did your mum say this to you.....
I thought it would be interesting to use Google Book Search to find out how old some of these expressions are. Here are partial results:

"Yes, the one with a face like a plateful of mortal sins."—from "The Big House," a play by Brendan Behan, 1957.

"There were no symptoms of her having had her clothes flung on with a pitchfork, nor of having been drawn through a hedge backwards."—from "Sketches of Character" by Jane Kennedy, 1851.

"I thort this mornin' he looked as ef he'd been dragged through a knothole."—from "The Yale Literary Magazine," 1851.

"Now, I'm prepared to back this office against the world; but remember, if I catch any of you at that, it's goodnight nurse! You understand?"—from "Poor Dear Theodora!" by Florence Irwin, 1920.

"…that if ever he troubled him again upon such a paltry subject, his intention was to give him such a proper hiding, as would prevent the best of his friends from knowing him again for about a month of Sundays."—from "Memoirs of a Picture" by William Collins, 1805.

"Judas Priest! How high up we are!"—from "To and Through Nebraska" by Frances I. Sims Fulton, 1884.

"If you say that 'ere again, I'll knock you into the middle of next week!"—from "American Comic Annual," 1831.

I might post more tomorrow.