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Posted By: Jayto
22-Oct-08 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: TV Ad: Folk music ridiculed - again
Subject: RE: TV Ad: Folk music ridiculed - again
I like to be ridiculed. If I sought the hands down praise of the corporate world I would be a pop singer or writer. If they don't like me or my music then I am doing something right lol. If I don't like Brittany Spears why do I care if Britanny Spears doesn't like me. I crack on pop music and the mindless sheep that fall for all image and no conviction all the time. I really don't care if they laugh at me and my taste in music as well. That just means they don't get my beliefs and songs just like I don't get thiers. Let them bash me and folk music. If a top rated pop star opened for Bob Dylan I wouldn't go. If Bob Dylan opened for a top rated pop star I wouldn't go and would be mad that he was opening. Thinking about it that is dumb but that is sort of the mentality. I think everyone thinks they would like to have more Folk pushed by TV,Radio, and the music industry but if you really think about it would that really be that cool. Look at what the corporate fat cats did to rock, country, pop, just about every music style they decided to push. I think the idea is one that seems cool but in the end would be disastrous. I like it the way it is. I liked being mocked.