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Posted By: mauvepink
13-Oct-08 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: TV Ad: Folk music ridiculed - again
Subject: RE: TV Ad: Folk music ridiculed - again
A great many adverts make a great deal of mockery about many types of people and interests/hobbies. All sorts of adverts are blatantly sexist, for instance, and I think so many '-isms' are covered with the advertising industry generally. In general I think Folksters probably get a little less fun poked at them than a lot more other groups of society.

Subtle ageism, sexism, racism, genderism, sizeism, hairism, etc., etc, runs through many adverts. So now we have folkism to add to the list. Folk is about and part of the real world. We know we are not doing any harm and are just 'normal' folks (whatever normal is) so I guess we have to be used in 'normal' life things.

I find far more offensive things being used in advertising, far less subtle too, so maybe this is a sign that Folk is now more mainstream and accepted as such?

I think it would be far easier to poke fun at BT than the other way around?

Best wishes