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Posted By: Artful Codger
08-Oct-08 - 09:32 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Since Robin Hood (Thomas Weelkes)
Subject: Origins: Since Robin Hood (Thomas Weelkes)
Can you supply historical notes on this madrigal by Thomas Weelkes?

Since Robin Hood
by Thomas Weelkes (c.1575-1623)

|: Since Robin Hood, Maid Marian,
And Little John are gone-a,
The hobby horse was quite forgot,
When Kemp did dance alone-a. :|

|: He did labour / After the tabor,
For to dance / Then into France,
(for to dance then into France.)
He took pains / To skip, (to skip,)
to skip it in hope of gains, of gains.
He will trip it, trip it, trip it on the toe,
Diddle diddle diddle doe, (diddle diddle diddle doe.) :|

Source: The Oxford Book of English Madrigals, ed. Philip Ledger; Oxford University Press, 1978.

In particular, I'd like to know:
(1) Who is the Kemp referred to? The morris dancer Wil[l] Kemp?
(2) What is the historical context? What events does Weelkes refer to?
(3) When was the song written, or in which collection of pieces was it first published?