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Posted By: Bill D
06-Oct-08 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: Getaway 2008 News --- Please .. whats on ....
Subject: RE: Getaway News --- Please .. whats on ....
It was amazing...this was my 30th consecutive Getaway, and they're all different, but all good. I ate too much, slept far too little, brought WAY more junk than I needed...but managed to sing some, talk some and meet new folks and re-meet old friends. was ok...
(I was sitting with Joe Offer when he was typing, and I can assure you, he was neither needed or trying to get between Joe Offer and was just too nice out there for brawls..)

As folks get home, there will be stories about the music and who impressed whom...but one does stand out from the Sunday night concert when Bobert did an intense, difficult old blues number from Blind Lemon Jefferson, (with Leadfingers on whistle and 'ol Lonesome EJ on harmonica, doing supporting little riffs and adding 'mood' to the number)...they just blew the socks off some folks. Luckily, most folks had brought spare socks.

   We also were treated to a preview of Kendall's improving voice and Jacqui singing SO wonderfully with him!

   There were little groups at all hours of the day & night, trading songs and discovering who else knew them.... I started one old thing from an old Hedy West LP and had George Ward chiming in beside me....and George was talked into doing stuff HE had written 25-30 years ago...(like "You Gotta Talk My Language"..recorded by Ed Trickett)

John Roberts seemed to be everywhere, either leading some workshop or just joining in on wherever music was happening. That boy does a LOT of music! 'Taint all 'folk' *grin*...but Good Though!
   and speaking of that, the Utah Phillips memorial workshop was....gee....if I say 'informative & moving', it barely begins to express the feeling in the room as people who knew Utah well & personally shared stories....

More? Yes. There's more, but who can type enough to cover 2 1/2 days of continuous "Good, Though"?

More later....others are waiting to tell you THEIR bits...(some may be posting as you read this..)