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Posted By: Helen
26-Sep-08 - 06:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Puke Question???
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Puke Question???
Hi BeauBear,

(Do you lay awake at night thinking of these strange problems to post on Mudcat? Just a sneaking suspicion.)

Some people we know had a cat which started puking a lot more than normal. They found out he is allergic to prawns (that's shrimp to you non-Ozzies). But also there was another problem, which I vaguely remember as being a physiological condition of his oesophagus or the swallowing mechanism or something like that. I don't see these people very often but I'll ask them when I see them. It took the vet a long time to figure it out.

Do we still have the resident vet here at Mudcat? I have to confess I have a mental block remembering her name. I thought it was Jeri - but I think I'm thinking of a member of the Harplist.

[I'm really sorry, Vet-Lady!! Your posts have always been good reading, on all subjects, so that's why it's embarrassing having this mental block about your name.]