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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
26-Sep-08 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Puke Question???
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Puke Question???
I have one that used to puke every day, I think it's fur ball realted, and I've recently started with a dab of petroleum jelly (the old fashioned remedy before the tube of beef-flavored petroleum jelly came along) and it is abating. It is yellow, but she's had fur balls in an empty stomach as we try to get this cat to lose a half-dozen pounds or so. I'm sick to death of washing bedding or throws or covers or rugs or spraying and scraping puke off of floors. I'm with Bobert--I like the cat, but I'm tired of it.

The other one doesn't throw up as often, but any time he can get at grass he'll eat it and then heave. Science Diet fur ball food seems to make it worse, actually.

I hope it isn't liver disease, I've lost one to that, and she didn't puke. I can't afford the vet bills. I'm tired of it, to the point that I've resolved that once these two are gone, I probably won't get any more house cats. I'll keep dogs in the yard and let them in occasionally.