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Posted By: Jayto
06-Sep-08 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
I agree with olddude. I think it is good to get some input on what brands offer more consistant quality for less money but they all make bad guitars. I played an Alvarez when I won the National Championships for thumbstyle. I beat out guys playing very expensive guitars in that same competition. I still have a gibson dove knock off made by Pan that I bought for $40 when I first started playing that I play. On sessions alot of times I play a cheap Danelectro and people always comment on how great the tone is (soundguys and other musicians people who really know tone). I did a gig down in Nashville a few weeks ago and was playing a strat I have that I bought years ago for $4000. Mid ways through the show I decided to switch to my son's guitar that I had brought as a back up. It is a real cheap Epiphone Les Paul. I had bought it for around $100. It screamed and I about choked. It sounded so much better than my strat I could not believe it. The crowd even noticed how much better it sounded on what we were doing. My girlfriend came up after the gig and was asked me what I did different because my tone improved or as she put it "You sounded a whole lot better the second half of the gig. What happened?" She is not musical other than having a love for music (and me I guess lol). So don't go on name alone. I don't really care for high end Taylors that well (I don;t mean to make anyone mad about this that has one but it is just prefrence) There are alot of guitar brands that I just don't like. They are brands that are regarded as high end great brands and fetch a high price. You have to watch sometimes on higher end guitars you are paying for name and ornamentation (that is a big pet peave for me). I like plain guitars where the wood rings. I love to hear the wood with nothing hindering it;s resonance. A price may have little to do with playability and more to do with decoration and name. I have 3 expensive guitars that I play. On the other hand I have alot more cheaper guitars the I play way more. Out of my 3 expensive guitars I really only play one very much. The others just kinda collect dust. It is funny though they are the ones people go "Oh Man!!! You have that guitar!! Whoa!!!" but it is the cheaper guitars (with the exception of my Langejans) that people go "Whoa man I dig that tone. That sounds killer." Kepp that in mind when you are looking at guitars man.