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Posted By: olddude
06-Sep-08 - 10:58 AM
Thread Name: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
Subject: RE: Best acoustic guitar under $1000?
Forget the brand, just forget it. You have to play lots of them. There are inexpensive guitars that will sound like angels, you just have to find them. Expensive guitars are expensive because they are somewhat consistent. You hear of bad martins or taylors but not too often. I have an alvarez that sounds like heaven and I paid nearly nothing for it. I just didn't want to keep beating my old martin so I bought a knock around. Well it is a beautiful sounding guitar. And playing several others at a music store of the same brand I could not use them as a planter for flowers they are so bad. Moral of the story, forget the brand, play play play, they are all different you will find a great one I promise. A lot has to do with the guy or girl behind the guitar. I take my old martin and I make it sound like a high school kid just starting. I am bad ...
take a 50 dollar junk in the hands of a Murdoch or Bankley or Ditty and it sounds like angels ... no matter what I play it will always be thin .. so find the guitar and keep working. I am sure you are great, I am not, so I struggle but it is one of the struggles in my life that I actually enjoy