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Posted By: Mavs82
28-Aug-08 - 07:18 PM
Thread Name: Review: Sidmouth '08
Subject: RE: Review: Sidmouth '08
Bubblyrat mentioned that there is something missing at Sidmouth these days. Does it not strike any of you that the something missing is the large number of people that used to turn up and enjoy the week without being critical of everything they could be?! I don't remember people bitching and grousing about the layouts, the sessions, the workshops, the displays, the marquees etc etc etc...

I think people have become far more judgemental since the 50th and that impedes on their ability to relax and enjoy the festival. I found plenty to occupy me and had a thourighly enjoyable week. I don't feel any need to complain about what wasn't there - I just went to the stuff that was!!

Why is it that people (And this isn't aimed at any individual) feel the most appropriate thing to do is complain that things aren't how they used to be?! Here's some news for you guys - no, it's not. For a start, it's not being run by full time professionals but by volunteers. Isn't it enough to just enjoy what is going on without childishly complaining that this, that or the other hasn't been arranged for you?!?!