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Posted By: Elijah Browning
28-Aug-08 - 12:14 AM
Thread Name: Creepy songs
Subject: RE: Creepy songs
Songs with ghosts in them.
I don't mean songs about ghosts. Maybe some are about ghosts, but they don't have to be. I like songs with ghosts IN them. I remember the No Exit in Chicago, late night on a Thursday, second set, in the dead of winter when the blowing heater hung from the ceiling left you cold or baking depending on where you sat or when. Art Thieme sang songs, and I heard them, the ghosts, in the songs. Speaking, singing, out past the muffle of dirt and snow, time and entropy. Whether it was loving the best they could muster like "HOT BUTTERED RUM" or the frozen terror of black blood in the moonlight spilled by the "GRIESELY BRIDE", these songs had ghosts in them. I remember thinking of the songs written way past mortal bedtime, songs from the founding of the city, the state, the nation, that each writer was dead, gone, dust. Dust just like me, that for a few score of decades "got a chance to sit up and look around" to quote Woody via Mr. Thieme.
Ghosts. A city that no longer is from which I am no longer from. Ghosts in the songs. I press play, and they come.
Sorry. Not exactly the right response. Running with the muse tonight. My apologies.