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Posted By: Amos
13-Aug-08 - 10:04 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Subject: RE: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
A mess of phrases from Nawth Carolina:

"Will you ride to to town with me in the morning?"
Answer: If I'm not too give out."

No rest for the wicked.
Answer: "And the righteous don't need none."


"For a fact, ...." (meaning, "In fact")

"We hightailed it up...."

"I was bad to drink, myself"

I rode the hair off that horse.

God don't make junk.

I don't know what all.

I want to wear these shoes. They was give to me.

He studied whether to keep it.

.... whenever the notion struck.

It was a treat better than....

They wasn't nothin' in it to speak of.

I'll be et for a tater

That drawin' you do, hits mortal. Hit's from the lord.

I can learn myself to read and write.

He'd never given Joe a dadjing thing before.

Hain't room enough t' cuss a cat without gittin' fur in y'r teeth.

Feelin' rough as a cob

washed into the neighbor's ha-ha

[agitated; excited] He looked like he was sent for and couldn't go.

If i wasn't one thing, it was two

Lord he'p a monkey!