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06-Aug-08 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Subject: RE: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Shade tree mechanics oooh yeah. If you are looking for a deal and are brave that's who you use. Shade tree refers to someone that works on cars in thier spare time. They may be employed as a mechanic or not but it is only part time for them.
a butt bustin is a spanking
butt whoopin is getting beat up in a fight or "scrap"
I declare means you are telling the truth or your surprised
I suwanee mean I swear
I don't mind to means you will do it no problem.
I worked in a Lab for a company that moved into Western Kentucky from Utah. That was a big misunderstanding for those people that moved in here from there. Someone would ask "Would someone get me a sample?" and the auditor (who collected samples) would respond " I don't mind to." It would register to the guys from Utah as I don't want to. lol
Hoggin is catching a catfish with your hands called noodling some places
Haint is a ghost
hog heaven is being very happy " I got a new truck and a pocket full of cash I'm in hog heaven."
a box is a guitar "I'll tell you what that boy can thump that box."
Thump in that last sentence means pick or play the guitar
Thump also means beat up "That dude got to sassing him and he straight up thumped him."
Sass or sassing means smart talking