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Posted By: GUEST,JT
05-Aug-08 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
Subject: RE: Folklore: favorite southern US expression
I live in a very rural small town in Kentucky. The phrases are very colorful. They are also adaptive I think linguists call it productive speech. Most of the phrases like "Colder than a well diggers ass." or one of my favorites "Sweating like a whore in church." are embedded deeply and change very little. On the other hand they other phrases are improvised on the spot to fit the implied situation. These phrases are funny but no doubt about it these people are very witty and observant. They have a flair for colorful speech.
Hidy (instead of howdy) when they answer the phone
fair to middlin meaning something or you are ok not real good not real bad. This phrase came from cotton sales that was a mid grade cotton. "How ya doin taday" response "fair to middlin."
"Tolerable" also means ok
"Kickin chicken" means strutting hard cocky
"High steppin" means goin fast or "haulin ass"
"3 sheets to the wind" means very drunk
"drunker than Cooty Brown(or Coooter Brown)" This saying means very drunk as well. Cooter Brown was a man that had kin on both sides fighting in the Civil War. He stayed drunk the entire war so he wouldn't have to fight in it. So this phrase comes straight from "The War of Northern Aggression" no joke it is referred to by this name by some folks.