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Posted By: Genie
12-Jul-08 - 10:01 PM
Thread Name: any new mondegreens?
Subject: RE: any new mondegreens?
There's a pop ballad from the '80s that has a hook line in it that I've never been able to decipher no matter how often I hear the song. The refrain that contains this line is:

Tonight I need your sweet caress - Hold me in the darkness -
Tonight you ____ __ ___ ____ ___ ... .   
The words in the blanks always sound kind of like:
"Tonight you come on Breath's Love's nest." (or "bread's love's nest).   

And nothing it sounded like made any sense to me.

I finally checked "the google" for "lyrics: 'Tonight I need your sweet caress - Hold me in the darkness'" (since I didn't know the title and couldn't search for the line I wanted without a clue as to what those words were).

The song is titled "Hands to Heaven," and the lyrics are intelligible in some people's recordings, but not -- to me, anyway -- in the popular recording by Breathe.

The mondegreened line is actually,
"Tonight you calm my restlessness."

(I think Breathe kind of pronounces the line as "Tonaht you cahm mah restlussness."
Mystery solved.)