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Posted By: Ron Davies
03-Jul-08 - 10:44 PM
Thread Name: Help: Tips on singing falsetto?
Subject: RE: Help: Tips on singing falsetto?
Frankie Vallee? Not really advisable. I'm convinced they did something to his voice in the studio.

But the Beach Boys. Now that's a different story.

Without falsetto I have a lousy range--about 1 1/2 octaves. But falsetto doubles it. Without falsetto I couldn't be in any choral group. And I've somehow managed to get a strong falsetto--and a smooth transition from chest to head voice--mainly by singing along with the Beach Boys for decades on the car radio. So I owe my entire choral career to the Beach Boys. And that's been about 25 years--the last 18 in a group which has sung in places like the Albert Hall, the Vatican, the Spoleto Festival, Red Square, and Carnegie Hall.   We usually sing in the Kennedy Center.

And I've sung as the (paid, which still amazes me) bass section leader in church choirs. And while there also sung tenor or alto--for instance in some 5 and 6 part Renaissance pieces.   Whatever was needed. Except soprano.

Tips? Somebody said it earlier--just practice. If you sing with the Beach Boys you can really give your voice a workout as you switch from one part to the other. "California Girls", "Wendy" and "Don't Worry Baby" seem to be particularly good. So is "Fun, Fun, Fun".

And besides, early Beach Boys is a real kick to sing.

But Frankie Vallee is dangerous.