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Posted By: Stu
01-Jul-08 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: Glastonbury English Folk Festival?...
Subject: RE: Glastonbury English Folk Festival?...
Excellent post Robert.

By WAV's own admission he's only been into folk music for a couple of years, barely time to orient yourself let alone actually understand it; this is made all the more difficult by the fact so much folk is played out of it's original context (not that this matters in many ways, as we're not talking about interpreting pre-raphaelite paintings here).

I've never heard WAV mention Harry Cox, Fred Jordan or any of the other source singers you would think he would be interested in given his views on the subject. If I was interesting in unaccompanied singing I would be looking all over the Isles for inspiration because like it or not none of this stuff has developed in isolation (although I think you could argue some of the singing on the Atlantic coasts of the Isles represent a separate tradition entirely).

All the traditions of the home countries need protecting - English more than most (apart from Wales) as it has long been overshadowed by it's more vital neighbours although I think that is changing; despite the often outspoken and iconoclastic nature of much folk music as a general rule I think folkies are more open to ideas and innovation than they are given credit for, and can mend fences via music whilst others with less insight still hold on to outdated and retrogressive attitudes.

It's one of the reasons why I love folk music.