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Posted By: Ruth Archer
01-Jul-08 - 05:28 AM
Thread Name: Glastonbury English Folk Festival?...
Subject: RE: Glastonbury English Folk Festival?...
leveller, the problem is that most here would not dispute this. Many of us think that English culture should be better represented (some of us have even got off our arses and done something about it, rather than engaging in the endless internet onanism favoured by WAVey Davey).

The only thing most people object to, if I'm not misrepresenting the numerous views expressed over countless threads, is WAVey Davey's insistence on Englishness TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL ELSE. Telling people how they SHOULD be singing, playing, or "practising" their culture, as if this isn't a very personal choice. It's the persistent attempt to sanitise Englishness of all "foreignness" (as if this were even possible) and to preserve it as something fixed and unchanging, which many have challenged. And many of us are also disturbed and outraged by the logical end result of this sort of attempt at cultural cleansing.

There are positive ways of celebrating and promoting Englishness. WAVey Davey's way ain't even close.