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Posted By: Chris Green
30-Jun-08 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: Glastonbury English Folk Festival?...
Subject: RE: Glastonbury English Folk Festival?...
Wikipedia?! Since when has that been a reliable source of information?

However, I'll play along. So we'll agree that rock is, originally at least, an American genre, by which we mean that the first examples can found in the United States. However, it grew out of blues and folk music. So rock music is originally African and European in origin. Kind of like a sizeable chunk of the population of the United States really. And a sizeable chunk of the population of our own Fair Albion. So we return to square one.

WAV - everything and everyone comes from somewhere else, if you go back far enough. I was born and brought up in England and I love English folk music. I've spent a large portion of my life playing it. Once a week (for I am a lucky bugger!) I even get paid by my LEA to go into a different primary school, play some trad English folk music for the kids and SHOW them how great it is!

However, my mother is Irish. My father wasn't, but his mother was. According to you, I should therefore only play Irish folk music. Indeed, according to you, I shouldn't even really be here at all. I should emigrate back to the Emerald Isle (a place that to my shame I've never even visited!) and spend my days dancing jigs with pigs, beating my colleen over the head with a shillaleagh and indulging in sundry other such traditional practices, for the delight of visitors such as yourself, who embrace diversity with open arms as long it's not in their backyard.

Sorry if this all sounds a little cutting, but to be honest, having read a few of the threads you've started, I'm quite pissed off. I think you mean well, and I honestly don't think you can see how half-baked and bloody offensive your 'ideas' are. If you really love English folk music, and really want other people to love it more, why don't you try letting it speak for itself? It's a far more persuasive advocate than you are.