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Posted By: VirginiaTam
16-Jun-08 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: The Annual BBQ (London)
Subject: RE: The Annual BBQ (London)
Thank you Woodsie. I was quite nervous and as always, started everything in a lower range than my voice can cope with. Will I ever learn? Old dog new tricks! Or should that be new dog old tricks? I am new to folk scene as well as singing out loud and in front of actual people.

Biker Hill was brilliant Richard. Please share my regard with Kevin? and ???? (I had his name at the beginning of the afternoon and must've misfired a synapse cause it is gone now). So terribly sorry. Pleading Halfhiemers.

Speaking of synapses, I've been mixing ideas I heard at the party. The Mud House (big brother scenario)) should be great fun and a good way for many to get to know the players personalities.

Anyway, I noticed the death theme was on the playlist yesterday (I knocked off a fair few myself). Remembering Valerie's (I hope I am getting these names right?) comment about happy folk songs, I wondered if there could be a MudCat thread of CSI invesitgations on the following. The death count in RB's repertoire. The slaughtering of songs by TDL. And let's not forget the "crimes of fashion", Melodeonboy. Perhaps the thread may inspire a comic song about folk murderers. If you put Girl Friday and Mumblin Len in the Mud House that could be one of their tasks.

Good grief my brain is so weird. Time for a bendryl and a nap.

Oh and big thanks again to Essex Girl