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29-May-08 - 06:31 PM
Thread Name: Review: Celtic Women on PBS
Subject: RE: Review: Celtic Women on PBS
It is live on the tour. Having said that, not ALL the songs are live. Some are recorded tracks but they SING to a recorded track so if you are close enough to the stage you can still hear their unamplified voices. They do that to trick your perception. THIS IS A FACT, Not theory. Ie got the breakdown of what is recorded tracks and what is live from Lisa's and Orlagh's former webmaster who I am really good friends with. Orlagh confirmed this in an email but until recently we have kept this information "hush, hush."

You have to understand that CW LTD and PBS are engaged major consumer fraud whan it comes to this show. I personally have filed consumer protection complaints for fraud and theft last year. You can read the full report submitted here. Belive me its a real eyeopener. As long as EMI, Dave Kavanagh, Scott Porter and Lisa contine to decieve peopple and rip them off I wont support them.