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Posted By: Abby Sale
28-May-08 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: A little vintage Art Thieme
Subject: RE: A little vintage Art Thieme
Art & BK, thank you sincerely for the jokes. To me, aside from being fine laughating, they're potential gags. Sometimes I have to wait 30 or more years to use a gag - that is, naturally without any artificiality or setup. And this I did in just a few days!

In a lawyer's office today - exciting practice: wills, estate planning, "living wills," like that. Old school, old southern, staid, deadpan lawyer.

Literally, not one word of improvement on the facts, I swear:

While he's out of the room I notice on the desk a tri-folded letter -

                         UNC School of Dentistry
                        Faculty of Dental Practice


   Lawyer's name

That's all I could see.

So when he returned, of course I said, "I happened to see a letter on your desk - of course I didn't open it but it seems you've been appointed to UNC Dental School." (He startled slightly that someone had observed something. I let him startle.)

"That's great...I understand Dental Law's a terrific specialty." (Take a few beats - just enough for him to slowly react & smile, not quite enough to get his mouth all the way open.)

"There are such big retainers."

And he laughed out loud.

I though his face would crack.

My day made in spite of the fee. (He didn't reduce it.)

Thanks again.