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Posted By: JohnInKansas
26-May-08 - 04:33 PM
Thread Name: A little vintage Art Thieme
Subject: RE: A little vintage Art Thieme
BK -

That IS THE WAY it works for you.

If fifty threads are all there are, then you get them all. The total number of threads that the filter will return is 1,000 - or fewer. (You're welcome to assume I was just kiddin' Art that there might be more than 1,000 threads about him - if you wish. Actually I wasn't too sure, since we talk about him quite a lot.)

Your search shows that there are fewer than a thousand threads that contain both art and thieme. I'd suggest filtering just for Art and then just for Thieme as well, and then for any other names someone might have called him - including misspelled Theime etc - if you think of one or two(?). Either of these should get the fifty that contain both names, plus (esp for Art) a lot of extraneous junk.

The hard part could be finding any threads where he or his works have been talked about, but where his name isn't in the thread title, since the stuff inside threads is only searchable via indexes that may not be up to date. There may not actually be any - but you don't really know until you look (and with an indexed search you don't really know after you look, unless you know that the term you searched on is an "index term").

Art has been pretty good about visiting and commenting in any threads that refer to him, so a cross-check of his posts could be revealing, if there are any other threads of interest. (There may not be any.) There have been a few fairly extended periods when he's been "off the cat" and might have missed a thread, but usually they've come back frequently enough, or some one tells him about them, so that he'd likely have caught most - if not all - of them.