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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
10-May-08 - 04:38 AM
Thread Name: Tech - Virgin or Talk Talk?
Subject: RE: Tech - Virgin or Talk Talk?
Been on broadband for five years now, first with Telewest, then Virgin took over.

Any problems I've ever had (and there have been very few) have been sorted very quickly and without effort by techs who walk you through the solution and check back with you later to confirm that your problem has been resolved permanently.

I would recommend Virgin to anyone, and I do so under my own identity, not as a screaming guest who is apparently unaware of the requirement to use an identifiable moniker so we know which guest is shouting at us.

Talktalk have featured recently on Watchdog, and other consumer programs, and also a customer satisfaction survey, and their customer service WAS at the time regarded as iffy.

Don T.