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Posted By: Richard Bridge
30-Apr-08 - 06:19 AM
Thread Name: PHicks+JacquiWMemory BBQSing N.Knt 10/5
Subject: PHicks+JacquiWMemory BBQSing N.Knt 10/5
Just to cover some of the ground again, you may remember that when Jacqui and I moved out here to Upper Dogsbottom aka Deliverance, to our great surprise and delight we found that one of Jacqui's oldest friends, Pete Hicks (a long time ago of the Crayfolk, 12-string player from hell) had committed serial matrimony and was living in the next village up the road (aka Upper Class Dogsbottom).

Well, in the fullness of time Jacqui died 6 days after Sweeps festival 2003. For a year or so, following on from her magnificent wake, I held a barbecue here in memoriam.

Pete died almost to the day 4 years later, just after Sweeps 2007. He too had a magnificent wake.

Dilligaf decided to have a barbecue this year to mark that and I suggested that it would be suitable to have a joint one, since if you believe in any sort of afterlife, it will be time for their joint annual singaround. I have already invited family and a selection of direct friends, and Dilligaf has already invited Bishop Guldulfs Morris and various friends and family and will also be seeing many morrissers who knew and admired Pete over the coming Sweeps; festival weekend

So there it is. All welcome. 10th May, Forge House, High Street, Lower Stoke, ME3 9RD, barbecue, from about 2-ish to falling over time. Bring it and burn it format. We provide a certain amount of beer, and charcoal and barbecues to burn things in. Maybe some green stuff too. Bring voices and instruments. I am pleased to say that my step-daughter has said she will come all the way from the Royal triangle and if she can be persuaded to sing you will be in for a treat. Regrettably my noisy daughter is in the Costa Del Wossname but she has said she will sing a song from there so if you listen hard you may just hear her.

There may be an attempt to provide bad weather cover. It is not guaranteed, but there is a fair amount of space in the house. If anyone needs al-halal cooking, there is a small barbecue not used before so arrive early and use it first. If anyone needs kosher cooking, I think the same rules apply so please use the same small barbecue. If no-one uses the small barbie for religious meat, it could be used for vegetarian barbecuing or I have a small hibachi that I can run through the dishwasher first (if warned). Bring your own small barbecue if you wish. The house 'fridges do not separate dairy products, and the garage 'fridge and the caravan 'fridge have had mixed use. If this is a problem for you I am sorry but you will need to bring your own cold box.

Usual rules:

1. The terrace is uneven and unstable. The steps are different sizes. No duty of care to avoid or alleviate those circumstances is accepted. If you fall, from those or any other reasons, or otherwise suffer any personal injury, no liability is (subject to Section 2 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act) accepted.
2. There is now only one dog, Benjamin the large Border collie (cross). Do not tease him, do not feed him, do not pretend to feed him and then try to take the food away. Do not throw toys for him or you will have a job for life and he trains people better than most people train him. Do not try to hold him by the collar, he was rescue and I think some of his former owners used to do that to beat him. He does not like it. He is not a "dangerous dog" nor is he "out of control". In fact he is usually quite safe and friendly, but no duty of care to keep guests safe from him is accepted.   If you suffer any personal injury, caused or contributed to by him, no liability is (subject to Section 2 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act) accepted.
3. Beware of the cat. If he stays around, he may invite you to tickle his tummy, and once you are in range, and lulled into a false sense of security, he may strike! If you suffer any personal injury, caused or contributed to by him, no liability is (subject to Section 2 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act) accepted.
4. Park in the car-park opposite. This is Deliverance territory. Do not challenge the locals to play "Duelling Banjos". Do not leave your car unlocked. Do not park anyone in. Do not give local yoof "the eye". If Mad Mick, the local bare knuckle champion, gives you a big hug, buy him a drink quickly. No duty of care to keep guests' persons or property safe outside the curtilage of my dwelling is accepted.   If you suffer any personal injury, or any other loss or damage of any kind or nature whatsoever, no liability is accepted.
5. Anyone likely to need overnight accommodation afterwards, please advise in advance. There is a ghost, Emily. Do not try to exorcise her. She is not an evil or dangerous spirit. In fact she is usually quite safe and sometimes friendly (if you don't mind having your hair pulled), but no duty of care to keep guests safe from her is accepted.   If you suffer any personal or psychological or theological injury, caused or contributed to by her, no liability is (subject to Section 2 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act) accepted.
6. The house next door is vacant. The pub next door is derelict. The dwelling part of the shop the other side is fairly well away, so there are no noise restrictions, but there will not be a PA rig.