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Posted By: Slag
22-Apr-08 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: you don't often get to see an earthquake
Subject: RE: BS: you don't often get to see an earthquake
Don, you and Seattle are about as precariously perched as you could be. You also have a really hefty volcano in your backyard. Living dangerously there, you are! My cousin's husband is a geologist living in Port Angeles and he has told me lots about the situation up there. Wow!

I was also near the Coalinga quake in Central California, I think it was '79. Small town, I believe 1 died and small town that it was it lost two large buildings. I was with my brother-in-law on the bank of a canal about 30 miles away. We were shooting my new pistol at rocks on the other side. I suddenly felt a wave of nausea (rare for me) and I couldn't hold the gun steady. I said I thought I was getting sick and maybe we ought to go back home. He kind of looked at me with a funny expression and then suddenly I was OK. I raised the gun one more time and couldn't bring it on target. I said "Dick, something is really wrong! I think we may be having an earthquake!" He scoffed but just about then the secondary waves reached us and the water in the canal began to slosh back and forth, bank to bank a foot or better in height! I could just see us and my truck toppling into the water but then it began to subside. It IS a very humbling experience.

I check the USGS site every day and for what it's worth I try to understand the quake maps of California/Nevada. About a month or so ago I noted a big increase in the number of small quakes in Nevada. They usually show about 20 in any given week, all micro quakes for the most part. Then a 5.2 hit in Calexico in Baja and a series of large aftershock. Then another large quake hit a little farther to the south and west or a separate(?) fault. Activity really increased then. It got up to over 1000 quakes on the maps that generally show 400 to 500. That's when the big 7 something hit in Eastern Nevada. Now we have had a big one in the New Madrid area. I probably know just enough to alarm myself but the patterns and the current action is undeniable. Things are moving. There has been an increase in just about every fault field except that little stretch between about Santa Barbara to Parkfield along the San Andreas. I truly fear for when that part lets go as it has NOT move AT ALL for many years. Good luck to us all!