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Posted By: Reiver 2
22-Apr-08 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Yesterday's Men (Phil Coulter)
Subject: Chords Add: YESTERDAY'S MEN (Phil Coulter)
Just re-visited this thread. GUEST, you've probably found the chords to Yesterday's Men that you were looking for, a long time ago. But in case you haven't:

When we learned the song from the Furey's recording, Reiver 1 came up with these chords:

Key A

'Twas Joey the Weasel that gave us the wire,
          D                   A
They were closing our factory down.

Though we didn't believe him, and we called him a liar,
The redundancy letters came 'round.
            E                        A
    As we read them in silence, I choked back a tear,
             D                     E
    It was hard to believe after twenty odd years.

Farewell, my companions, my friends and my workmates,
    E                        A
Farewell to the paydays, the pints and the craic;

For we gave them our best years, now they've paid us back
    E                     D             A
By makin' us yesterday's men, (sure as Hell),
    E                     A
By makin' us yesterday's men.

I don't know if we sang it in the same key as the Furey's but those chords worked for us. What a powerful song!! And here in the U.S. it's all happening again - thanks to George W.. Hopefully, the Celtic Tiger will do better this time around!

Reiver 2