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Posted By: Steve Shaw
15-Apr-08 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: Eliza Carthy in the Guardian
Subject: RE: Eliza Carthy in the Guardian
You misrepresent what I said, Eliza. I said that the peception of most people( or rather those who can be arsed to actually have a perception I suppose) was finger-in-the-ear, etc. I was not resorting to saying that because that's how I perceive it. I don't. At least I didn't resort to mentioning Hitler. Oops - unfair? Yes, but no more so than your accusation was.   I was saying that there is a perception problem, and one of the problems of English folk music has been its inability to see this. It has been very inward-looking. I've been to very well-publicised gigs by Roy Bailey, Martin Carthy, Pete Coe, Brian Peters and other luminaries that have been attended by handfuls and it's very sad. The average person on the street had access and didn't want it.   A few big names can break through all that these days but they are the exceptions and they are rarely at the very heart of folk music - you know, a bit loud, a bit electric and all that...I love it all the same, just before you accuse me of purism, and I am not against change and innovation. The initial comment on your article was picking you up on your attack on the Proms, which I think was completely unjustified (and you've just admitted your limited knowledge of them - not something, I venture, that was to the fore in that final paragraph), and was in no way insulting. Try "direct." You put your head above the parapet and sometimes you have to just duck down again.   Anyway, to conclude, I think it's great that there will be folk music at the Proms. Good luck with it and make sure they put it on the telly.