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Posted By: Greg B
11-Apr-08 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
Subject: RE: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
But that's just an extension of the dozens of other creation myths, now isn't it Slag?

It's anthropologically arguable that virtually every society has
sought to extend the limits of their knowledge of their origins with
some sort of creation myth. Whether it's Yahweh saying "Let there be
light" or some great cosmic hippopotamus sneezing out a glob of
hippo-snot that became the world, the creation myths have always begun
where empirical or scientific knowledge has left off.

In latter days, Christianity (et al) have sought to prop up their
creation myths by shutting down science.

Other more enlightened spirtualists and theologians have sought either
to rationalize or or to mesh their creation myths with newly-acquired
scientific knowledge. Thus there continues to be a creator, but now
it's the one that set E=mc**2 as an immutable rule. Meanwhile, such
as Stephen Hawking continue to push the point where scientific
knowledge ends and creation myth begins further and further back
in time and space (which turn out to be two sides of the same
cosmic coin, after all).

The interesting thing is that the keepers of the creation myths, no
matter how absurd, have done pretty well for themselves in society.
Arguably by making it up as they go along. Which is a lot less work
than finding neutrinos.