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Posted By: GUEST,Chicken Charlie
11-Apr-08 - 02:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Out of Iraq in 6 Months
Subject: RE: BS: Out of Iraq in 6 Months
Don't forget, Jack, we're in relative land. What we mean by the word war depends on how we were raised, how the people who raised us were raised, what we ate within the last 24 hours, what the people who raised us ate while they were raising us, and a whole lot of other factors, that, well, gosh ... just make it relatively impossible for anybody to really know anything for certain. I mean, what does it all mean? This is how arguing in Mudcativityville is like trying to nail jelly to the wall, cause just when you think you've got it, somebdody says, "That's not what I understand by jelly," and somebody else says, "That's not what I understand by 'a wall.'" It's also how I end up needing dramamine halfway through a lot of threads. As a sailor, you'll know all about that.

I guess nobody died in the Korean Conflict (not a war, you see). Damnedest thing you ever saw--all that shooting going on. You'd think somebody would have hit something just out of pure luck. Started with Adams, I think, having wars and not declaring them. Saves on medals, funeral expenses, medical care, insurance payments, lots of stuff. "I'm sorry your son is dead, madame, but as he was stupid and got himself relatively killed in something that, well, just isn't a war, then we can hardly expect to make good on his G.I. insurance."

See how much relatively better it is to look at things that way?

(That's OK; me neither.)