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Posted By: Barry Finn
10-Apr-08 - 11:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Out of Iraq in 6 Months
Subject: RE: BS: Out of Iraq in 6 Months
"If the USA was actually at war with any other nation on this planet it would be over in less than 48 hours."

What have we been doing these past 4,000 live playing in tjhe sand pile.
It took 48 yrs before we felt the final hit in the pocket from WWII. In the Gulf War 45% of the troops claimed some sort of disability, 39% were granted it. How long was that war? This time around, call it what you want, we'll be hit pocket for the next 1/2 century, in mecical bills, SS, compensation, rehab. Latest 3 1/2 trillion.

Jeri, we haven't even mumbled the future costs in "shock & awe" disabled/disfunctioned yet. We won't even see the side effects coming to light till the troops are home for at least the first few yrs when troubling symptoms will start to surface.

Call it what ever makes you feel comfortable, war, police action, insurgency, civil war, the price we'll pay will wreck havoc on US for generations to come. This was predicted before the 1st shot was fired but there are always those more than willing to jump the gun, as there still are, so we see.