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Posted By: Teribus
10-Apr-08 - 11:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Out of Iraq in 6 Months
Subject: RE: BS: Out of Iraq in 6 Months
"I was in verbal battle with some folks who kept saying the war would be over "within a year"."

The "war" if it was the one started by the invasion of Iraq on March 20th 2003, was over in under six weeks. Since then there has been an insurrection of varying intensity in Iraq that has failed in its attempts:

- First to intimidate the MNF into abandoning Iraq;
- Secondly to prevent the people in Iraq electing their first freely elected government and voting on a constitution;
- Thirdly to foment a civil war in Iraq.

I for one have never said that there was any "quick fix" or that involvement would be short term and have pointed that out repeatedly for the actions being taken in both Afghanistan and Iraq. My "gut" feeling for the former is at least 20 years and for the latter about another 10.

To all those who say that your current Administration's actions have increased the danger to the United States of America, I have this question. Since September 11th, 2001, how many times has the United States of America been attacked successfully?