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Posted By: Mrrzy
07-Apr-08 - 10:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
Subject: RE: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
I need you to 'splain about how you demonstrate the reality of God not existing -- or existing, for that matter. I wish it could be demonstrated, but it seems to me that the believer can always say, "Of course I can't demonstrate God; He/She/It is a spirit and I just have to have faith in Him/Her/It," while the materialist has the hard task of proving the negative.
One cannot demonstrate the reality of no-gods. However, one *can* demonstrate that pretty much anything the faithful believe is god-based, isn't. And the point of faith is just what you said - it has no proof, needs no proof, you just gotta believe. Reality, in contrast, can be demonstrated, so there is no need of faith when you believe in the demonstrable.
The burden of extraordinary proof, furthermore, is on the people making the *supernatural* and thus extraordinary claims, not on the rest of us.