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Posted By: Slag
28-Mar-08 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
Subject: RE: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
Amos, I'll expand a little on the idea of "Willful Ignorance" or at least what I reckon it's cause may be. I touched upon it in that post. It is born of a sort of pride that most all of us have and which the aware resist. In the movie "Princess Bride" a fellow who imagines himself to be the brightest thing since the Sun manages to kidnap Princess Honeybuns (?) and he is pursued by Honeybun's husband-in-disguise, the dread pirate Bob. This guy is constantly be dumbfounded when he is anticipated and bested at every turn. His comment is always "Inconceivable". And THAT is the problem. When one sets their self up as the beginning and end of all wisdom and knowledge any other idea becomes "Inconceivable".

That we all do this to some degree is only natural for we live this life by the light that we have and it must do for us in any given situation. Sometimes I think life on Earth must be pretty safe most of the time because "evolution" should have wiped out a lot more stupidity than it has. And I am not excluding myself, mind you. I have done some pretty dumb things and yet have lived to tell of it. Point being, of course, that no human has cornered the market on intelligence or wisdom.

To truly be wise is to know the truth of that statement. And act accordingly. Never stop learning. Never stop listening. Benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of others. This is especially true in matters that effect life and death. The willfully ignorant person says (at least to himself) "No! I will NOT hear of it!" That's pride.

In times past when time and distant made the dissemination of knowledge an "iffy" thing we had wide diversity in cultures, mores and standards of reason and intellect. Today there is more of a global consensus on the basics of morality (maybe I am only dreaming in hope here) i.e. It is wrong to murder, it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to rig the lottery, well, you get the idea. So, herein, it is WRONG to allow another to come to harm by inaction, neglect, callous disregard, even trough inattention.

If the standard is "reasonableness" (God says in Isaiah 1:18 "Come now, and let us reason together...") then it is obvious, that is; anyone of normal rational abilities, should understand that to neglect diabetes, will lead to death. And that would be the standard applied to this couple.

As for punishment, if these folk are not psychopaths, they have been punished. I cannot imagine much worse than losing a child. Public spectacle (which is the by-product of the event) and probation would suffice.

"To see more clearly" you say. Yes, that is the thing to be desired by the wise. We DO see through "culture colored" glasses. There are also "pragmatic" colored glasses, "idealistic" glasses, etc. Paul said "We see through glass darkly..." and I believe him to be one of the brightest lights of history. No one sees "clearly". We all need a wing man, someone to watch our backs. Someone to let us know if we are straying far afield, or if we have a smudge on our nose. We need other people to provide focus and reflection, warning and intervention. We can't assume that we are always right.