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Posted By: wysiwyg
27-Mar-08 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
Subject: RE: BS: Religious freedom, or murder?
I think what people fail to think about is that yes, there is religious freedom.... it's an extension of free will which is, in simplest terms, merely a description of the better side of human nature. BUT in that "freedom" there are also consequences, sometimes tragic ones, for how one exercises it. And as jeffp says, one of those consequences can be a prosecution for child neglect.

"Murder" as a legal charge must include, and prove, intent to kill. A lesser charge may be tacked onto the child neglect charge, but if the prosecution cannot prove they specifically intended their actions to result in the child's death, it can't be charged as murder.

I feel for ya, Mrr. You clearly feel and react strongly to tragic choices. But there is a legal system that supersedes the emotional need to scream "murder", and the issues are more complex and tangled than can be addressed in the grip of that strong feeling.
For instance, say the couple decided that if they sacrificed their child, they'd land in prison and thereby have a chance to "save" or convert prisoners as part of their "witness." An anti-religion person will see that as murder, but a defense lawyer will see it as legally defined insanity, and a prosecuter will see it as a set of facts to prove, one by one.

Here at Mudcat we do not have to make the legal decisions, so we can just vent away even though the venting has little to do with the realitites that are entangled in the issues, nor the faith lives of the majority of Americans whose stories are not "pressworthy."

The need to vent will poison this thread so that rational discourse about the tangled-up issues becomes unwieldy at best, and impossible in the end. The rational religionists among us will simply allocate our time elsewhere (perhaps to good works) as we often quietly do.

But I feel for ya. This is a heartbreaking case.