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Posted By: frogprince
23-Mar-08 - 09:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Quotes that make me wonder...
Subject: RE: BS: Quotes that make me wonder...
Makes me wonder, too; I question whether what came out was exactly what Clinton intended to say. I don't mean that I can't imagine Bill deliberately playing around with implications, but this is really off the wall, and doesn't have any focus or direction. If it was carefully thought out and stated as intended, it's pitiful; would it be supposed to mean "instead of my wife, the devoted American, running against the two self-serving frauds who are currently in the running"?
My feeling would be that we will approach November with as clear an instance of his "great thing" as we're apt to see, and that the difference between the positions of the probable candidates should give most of us a clear opportunity to choose according to our sense of right and wrong. I personally feel quite strongely as to which of the devoted Americans now running would be the best choice.
As to his last sentence, he isn't that far from saying, "Would that people would actually ask themselves who is right on the issues, instead of all this other stuff..." Great, except for the question of who is muddying the water with "all this other stuff".